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Direct Inbox Delivery

Direct Inbox Delivery •MailIntegra gives you the power to deliver your emails directly into your subscriber's inbox provided your content is legitimate. Convert your leads into sales with appropriate communication.
Powerful email marketing made easy, with the most intuitive, easy to use email marketing platform you will find. Packed with ROI boosting features! Brilliant color E-mail ads delivered quickly and without the expense and time of printing.
Deliver your Real Estate Agents message FAST. Reaching real estate agents has never been easier! Our brilliant color email ads are delivered promptly to save you time

Email Newsletter Management

'Mail Integra' Email Marketing helps you in bridging the communication gap between your clients and opt-in Email Subscribers by giving you a versatile Email Marketing Software. • Send Important School Updates • Send Absence notifications • Remind colleagues of Conference Call or Sales Meeting • Announce Company News • Broadcast Emergency Alerts • Provide Appointment Reminders • Confirm Orders and Product Delivery Status • Recruit Volunteers / Substitutes

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Shared SMTP server

we will register a domain name for you and create Outgoing/Incoming mail servers.
You can create email id and configure these details in outlook and you can start sending mails.
* Monthly Mail quota - 250MB,(Apprx 40,000 mails per month) * 300 Mail Per Hour

Starter SMTP

The server we are providing to send mass mailings to your customers only..

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Reliable & Scalable Email Delivery Service

Bulk Mailing Software Beyond Compare! Grow your business, establish stronger relationships, and reduce your marketing costs.Mail Integra - Saves time, saves money... Contact thousands with your message in just seconds. Need to contact many people urgently? Send them a HTML mail using Mail Integra. For Marketer... Add the power of Mass mail to your business. Mail Integra - Integrate HTML Mail Power to your business.

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Budget Bulk SMTP Server‎

Mail Integra - Send HTML Mail to thousands at once... An information flood of biblical proportions is upon us. Data spills from every corner, waves of facts and figures assail us by the moment, the deluge comes from every medium.
Over 70% of all Internet users have made purchases online as a result of email marketing!!!

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On demand Email Marketing

Internet email marketing services directly to your target customer base by research, develop database for email marketing campaign and mailing to target customer base to reach your prospective customers directly.

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Have a question about this Service, or want to buy a Bulk SMTP server??

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